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How to Make Money Selling on eBay receives over 1.5 billion page views per month! Over 9,000 new users register with eBay every day! This makes eBay one of the greatest money-making opportunities on the internet! Below you'll find Selling Tips & resources that will help you cash in on the eBay market!

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Part Two: Shipping Tips & Where to Find Product to Sell on eBay!

Sure, I want to make money on eBay...
but what would I sell??

You can sell virtually anything on eBay! From household items you would normally sell in a yard sale for pennies on the dollar, to informational products (advertising space, ebooks, books, publications, reports, etc) that dont even require shipping!

Do some research! Choose an item (clothing, a book, electronics - something specific), and see how well it has done on eBay in the past by searching similar completed auctions:

Click Here to Search Completed eBay Auctions

The same item may bring much higher bids in one auction than it does another... Pay close attention to the differences in their ads: Starting/Ending Time, Title or Headline, Description & Photos.

Some items, such as computers & electronics, tend to bring the highest bid when they end on Saturday night. Keep in mind the time zone differences, and try not to set auctions to end during church time or business hours on either the east coast or the west coast. Internet advertising, and informational products (which target the office worker or home business owner) might do best on a weekday in the afternoon hours. Get the idea?

Sign up for a free eBay account - Click here:

Register Now for your FREE eBay Account!

Display your auctions in a professional way - proven to increase exposure and encourage bids!
One of the best ways to promote your auctions is to put an "auction block" on your website or in your html-formatted newsletter/ezine. See an example of the auction block here:

(If you want to add the Auction Block to your website, email me and I will send you the code for free! Be sure to include your eBay ID in your email and send it to .)

Next you will want to line up the products you have chosen to sell... Still looking? Below are some great resources!

You can purchase wholesale products in large lots on eBay! Click here for current listings:

Search eBay Listings: Large Lots, Wholesale

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Make that item SELL!

You must add good, clear pictures of your product to your auction listing! Using either a digital camera or scanner, make sure you take clear pictures that show detail.

Gain attention to your auction by making the most of the 45-Character Title! For example, lets say you were selling a piece of unused software:


Accounting Software Program for sale

Obviously, the first title would get more clicks!

Next is your description... Include everything about your product - size, dimensions, brand name, etc... any pertinent details. Add extra pictures without extra cost by using a free image hosting service and simple html tags. Be sure to write compelling and thorough auction descriptions – and use plenty of keywords!! If one of the over 23 million registered users on eBay performs a search, finds your item and either bids or emails you… you have the captive eye/ear of a member of your targeted market! Use it to your advantage ;)

If you dont know HTML, you can use a simple program to create it for you... Here's one you can download right now for free: 1st Page 2000 ! You can also learn some basic commands at .

Tip: If you create your description in Frontpage, 1st Page, or any other web design program, you can simply copy the code and then paste it into the description field on the eBay form.

Need Your eBay Template Professionally Designed?
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Your eBay About Me Page

Once you sign up for your free eBay account, and get ready to sell, be sure to set up your About Me profile page! This is the one place that you can tell all of your potential bidders about yourself, your website, and your product line. What you arent allowed to include in your auction description... you CAN include here! A colorful "me" image shows up beside your eBay user name on all pages & transactions, allowing viewers to click for more information. You can also link from your auction listing to your About Me page by saying “Visit My About Me Page to Learn More about Your Seller!”

See these examples:

Follow-up & Back-end Sales

Be sure that you use a signature file in all email communication with bidders & auction winners. Include information about your website, your contact information, and include a PS if you would like to bring their attention to something else they may be interested in.

Include your flyer, info-packet and/or business card when shipping the package! This works best when you are selling products that are related to your printed material, or that reach the same targeted market ;)

Follow up with your auction winners via email and make sure that they received the item and are happy with it. Encourage them to leave you feedback, and do the same for them. This promotes confidence in future potential bidders that you are a legitimate seller.


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Doba is an eBay Certified Drop Shipper. Put products on eBay with their 3-click system!


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